Art of Medical Expertise

Ellen Bondar

Medical expertise to prove medical and scientific facts
Art of medical expertise applied to analyzing medical information and determining whether substandard treatment had occurred.


Welcome to my web site. My name is Ellen Bondar. This website was founded in order to provide more personal attention to my patients and clients. I am an Internal Medicine Doctor and I had been practicing clinical medicine for over nineteen years. Throughout this time my practice was focusing on an indigent population, people who lacked medical insurances but still had enormous need for medical services. I did my Internal Medicine Residency at Bellevue Hospital and subsequently worked in several Hospitals sponsored clinics where I mostly took care of an underserved population.


Generating comprehensive reports that are easy to understand

Assisting legal professionals in reviewing clinical data, generating comprehensive reports that are easy to understand, legal testimony based on extensive medical knowledge and experience.

Reviewing scattered disorganized medical records and generating. comprehensive reports that are easy to understand for both: legal professional or general public, using medical judgment and knowledge to build a winning case, legal testimony based on thorough understanding of medical errors and knowledge of established guidelines, independent medical examinations in regards to evaluation of physical or cognitive disability.

More About Ellen Bondar

My practice was not limited to clinical medicine only; in addition to it, I taught Medical Residents and Students, participated in an assembly of the clinical curriculum manuals, ran Journal Clubs, gave a series of lectures in Medical statistics and epidemiology, was part of an expert board at the Morbidity and Mortality committees. .

I did clinical research as well. I have published several articles in the areas of Clinical Oncology, focusing on influence of different agents on tumor growth, Radiology, in the area of vascular imaging of atherosclerotic plaques in the aorta and carotid artery in the setting of vascular disease, diabetes, hypertension or absence of these conditions.

My interests still go beyond research, teaching and practicing medicine. I have started an expert Medical Witness Practice as well. I enjoy helping patients and their families as well as serving as an expert advisor to law firms. I have offered my help in cases where substandard patient treatment had taken place. My legal testimony facilitated successful resolution on numerous occasions

My administrative experience includes chart reviews in regards to the proper utilization of the available resources, and supervision of the nurse practitioners visiting elderly patients that are home bound.


Practice Areas

  • Clinical medicine
  • Hospital medicine
  • Clinical Reports reviews
  • Medical legal expert/consultant
  • Independent medical examinations
  • Reviews of cases in regards to disability

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I ask a legal question concerning potential malpractice suit?
Yes, you can email a question to me and I will respond in a timely manner.

2. Can you serve as a consultant for a law firm?
Yes, I had done it successfully in the past.

3. Can you provide a comprehensive report based on a scattered clinical data?
Yes, I had devised reports based on oftentimes difficult to decipher data, that was easy to understand for a legal professional or a general public.

“As a practicing physician for over 19 years I am able to apply not only textbook knowledge of disease presentations and pathophysiology, extensive knowledge of published medical guidelines and evidence based application of an extensive scientific research, but also hand on experience of working with ancillary hospital staff, co-managing surgical and psychiatric cases, interacting closely with patients and their families.”


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